Art Gallery and Sculpture , Bali

Richstone art & design is a fine studio, workshop, and art gallery specializing in three dimensional paintings and sculptures by I Ketut Putrayasa. Since its establishment, Richstone has built its reputation nationally and internationally in promoting and exhibiting the high-aesthetics-value projects and works of I Ketut Putrayasa. Richstone Bali’s sculpture and art projects acquire artistic qualities blending the traditional and modern media and techniques, which then turn out to be contemporary art form that’s so unique innovative.


Aside from creating sculptures based on our very own original ideas, Richstone Bali with its supporting team offers consulting service starting from design scratches to execution as commissioned by the client. Other than artistic consulting service, with the help of our well-reputable art curator, we also support consulting service in art investment.


Richstone Bali’s team always puts professionalism up front in terms of execution, installation and maintenance of the artworks both indoor and outdoor. We work simultaneously with a team of multidisciplinary artists, whether it’s an art worker, architect, designer or individual with competence and suitability to the on-going project.


With our broad range of experiences in art projects in Bali, Indonesia and internationally, Richstone Bali will always deliver the most reliable and best service possible for those who demand quality artworks.