Modern Statue do you ever know about it? or looking for modern art sculptures for interior or exterior at this moment? You will find the answer after reading this article. We also recommend a cool modern sculpture to you.

About statue

Modern Statue, the statue is a 3 dimensional art. It can be a human, animal, or other figure. Mostly, these statues make for appreciate them. For example, a hero, president, public figure, etc. In another case, the statue also makes for remembering a moment. For example, war, historical moments, etc.

Every statue always has a story. For example, The Statue of Liberty, Hachiko, a monument, etc.

There are many modern sculpture characteristics. We can see how different it is from traditional sculpture. From materials, expressive, fragment, movement, etc. Modern sculpture materials are more varied.  Glasses, iron, etc. It is also more expressive and confident.

Art Movement of Modern Statue

Modern statue or sculptures start around 1840. It begins with the work of Auguste Rodin. This modern statue art includes many types or styles. Here are some types of modern sculpture.

1. Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was inspired by nature. Flowers and plants are the identity of this type. Mostly, this sculpture is used for interior decor. It is also known as a modern statue décor. These are recommended for home decoration.

2. Cubist sculpture

Cubist or cubism has a geometric characteristic. Cubes, cylinders, cones, etc. It shows the fragment and face in a different way. This sculpture uses volume or mass in a different way. Because of that, the viewpoint of this sculpture is also unique.

3. Dadaism

Dadaism was inspired by the reaction to World War I. The modern sculpture artists show that they rejected the modern capitalist society. It includes logic, reason, and aestheticism. We can see how they tell it from the sculpture.

The Mechanical Head is an example of this type. That sculpture was created by Raoul Hausman in 1920.

4. Surrealism

The surrealist sculpture is based on the unconscious mind. It was like seeing an unrealistic object. They created unique objects that we never find in real life. That’s how the artist tells us about their mind. For example, a human sculpture with an upside down nose and mouth.

5. Futurism

Futurism comes from Italy. Like its name, it is about a futuristic object. Technology, youth, dynamism, speed, etc. The main point is that futuristic tells about modernity. The Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. This is one of the futurist sculptures. It was created by Umberto Boccioni.

6. Abstract expressionism

This movement was developed in New York in the 1940s. They developed it after World War II. Like its name, the abstract has a unique, freedom, and abstract concept. The artists tell emotional expressions in a different style.

The Detail of Figure sculpture is an example. It was created by Richard Stankiewicz in 1956.

7. Pop art

Pop art comes from Popular Art. It means, they use symbols and the visual style of mass media. Pop art is mostly found in comic art. This art also uses primer colors and striking colors.

You can see an example of pop art sculpture in Barcelona. This pop art sculpture is named El Cap de Barcelona. Also known as The Barcelona Head. It was created by Roy Lichtenstein. It also has a surrealist movement.

Final words

There are many types and examples of modern statue/sculpture. Do you want to have it? If you can’t make it yourself, you can buy it.

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