Many out-of-town and foreign tourists choose Bali as the right holiday destination. In addition to enjoying natural attractions or visiting contemporary cafes, you can also enjoy some sculpture studio in Bali. Moreover, the other functions of artwork studio are as listed:

1. Work display room

This function means to display the artwork of an artist or group so that the public can enjoy it. Each gallery has its standards for selecting artists or works to be exhibited.

Almost every sculpture studio in Bali has works on display. Call it Richstone Bali, which is also one of the work display room that can be visited in Kuta, Bali.

2. Economy Room

Of course, it’s no secret that a good gallery must be able to support itself. So, the gallery management is trying, really, really seriously to sell the works of artists. In other words, the gallery is also an economic engine other than just a work display room.

An artwork gallery is a sophisticated economic engine that can observe the potential of artists, trends, and market needs. Of course, art galleries are not just for profit. There are other things from this economic transaction, including encouraging artists to work, and collectors happy.

3. Education Room.

Several art galleries in Indonesia have various programs that support the existence of galleries. This function means not only a showroom and economy but also an educational space for the community.

This program is usually realized through research, workshops, seminars, discussions, or gallery tours. The gallery, which has an educational program, aims to make the wider community more aware of, understand, love, and maintain works of art.

There are many scary cases in Indonesia, namely groups that do not understand and destroy works of art. But, of course, we do not want such things to happen again.

4. Social Space

A gallery becomes one of the connecting bridges to bring people from various backgrounds together. Like Indonesia, which is diverse, art galleries make it possible to bring together and discuss various cultural differences, ideas, and lifestyles.

Art galleries can also accommodate differences in ideology and politics. Look now, many celebrities, politicians, and business people, including state officials, are often seen interacting in art galleries.

5. Expression Room

In addition to expressing the thoughts and concerns of artists, galleries can also accommodate various expressions of society. This function is proven in art exhibitions; many people take pictures of the works.

There are even those who dare to hold the work despite the prohibition. We are indeed curious about the works of art. Cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Denpasar, and other cities already have art galleries managed by the government.

In addition, there are also many community-owned galleries, private parties, campuses, and artists. The management is also very good. For example, Richstone in Bali is one of the art galleries owned by art workers personally.

Is it enough with an existing art gallery?

Although art galleries are very important for a city, the presence of art galleries is not just as sweet as sugar. But make no mistake, there are art galleries that have successfully pushed the achievements of Indonesian artists’ works to the international stage.

However, even though artwork studio in Bali are already widespread, the presence of art galleries is not so numerous and spread across various islands in Indonesia. So the idea of establishing a professional, progressive, and representative art gallery is still wide open.